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Time Out says

Schwarzenegger went from The Terminator to the human equivalent of boys' action figures in this none-too-serious gung-ho adventure, where his former covert agent John Matrix takes the fight back to the reactionary baddies who've kidnapped his daughter and are set on restoring a fascist tyrant to power in the Central American state of 'Val Verde'. Lots of machine-gunfire, explosions and disposable khaki-clad extras, as you'd expect. Occasional suggestions that the tongue might be slightly in cheek include the risible bonding-with-small-daughter fishing trip under the opening credits and pronounced homo-erotic badinage with his final-reel adversary. 'Think of sticking your knife into my flesh - and twisting it,' Arnie hisses at Vernon Wells, the leather-clad, handlebar-moustached heavy, who might just have come from a Village People lookalike contest.

Release Details

  • Duration:90 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Mark L Lester
  • Screenwriter:Steven E De Souza
  • Cast:
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Rae Dawn Chong
    • Dan Hedaya
    • Vernon Wells
    • James Olson
    • David Patrick Kelly
    • Alyssa Milano
    • Bill Duke
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