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Midnight Run


Time Out says

That old formula, handcuffed captor and captive who become buddies on the run, gets an injection of new life from the playing of the cast. Bounty hunter Jack Walsh (De Niro) captures bail-jumping accountant Jon Mardukas (Grodin) in New York, but his problems really start when he tries to deliver him to the bail bondsman in LA. Mardukas, learning that his employer was a Mafia mobster, stole millions which he distributed among the poor, and Walsh has to run the gauntlet of the FBI, the Mob and a rival bounty hunter (Ashton), besides putting up with his captive's concern about smoking and morality. Both actors get off on each other, improvising routines and inhabiting the standard Odd Couple teaming so interestingly that at times the film touches a profundity. Here and there, director Brest succumbs to the car chase, but overall the movie is way above average for the genre.

Release Details

  • Duration:126 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Martin Brest
  • Screenwriter:George Gallo
  • Cast:
    • Robert De Niro
    • Charles Grodin
    • Yaphet Kotto
    • John Ashton
    • Dennis Farina
    • Joe Pantoliano
    • Richard Foronjy
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