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Ho Chi Minh City view at night
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Revealed: the cheapest nightlife destinations to book in 2024

Two countries in particular know how to boogie on a budget

Liv Kelly
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Liv Kelly

Sure, holidays are great ways to sample a new cuisine, see some famous attractions or laze around on the beach, but they’re also a cracking opportunity to let your hair down and have a boogie. 

The likes of Berlin, Buenos Aires and Las Vegas are all known for their vibrant nighttime scene, but painting the town red isn’t always so fun for your bank account. That’s why tour operator Ski Vertigo has conducted a study to find out where going ‘out out’ won’t cost you a swaying arm or a shaking leg. 

They’ve used an interesting metric of analysing the cost of three beers, a 5km taxi journey and a McDonald's meal – sounds wild, right? – across 183 major cities to see where is most budget-friendly. 

In first place it’s Guangzhou, a city historically known as a major starting point for the Silk Road and China’s main trading port, but one which also has a bounty of bars, clubs and boat parties. Three beers, a cab journey and a Maccies will set you back just £7.35 (€8.52) here. China actually claims three entries on the list, with Shenzhen and Beijing also ranking within the top 10. 

India fares well, too. Gurgaon, a city just southwest of New Delhi, comes in second place with a price of £8.14 (€9.44), Coimbatore ranks in fourth and Kolkata in fifth. Ranking at number three is Alexandria in Egypt, with a spend of £8.22 (€9.53).

Here are the ten cheapest nightlife destinations to book in 2024

  1. Gunagzhou, China (£7.35, €8.52)
  2. Gurgaon, India (£8.14, €9.44)
  3. Alexandria, Egypt (£8.22, €9.53)
  4. Coimbatore, India (£8.49, €9.85)
  5. Kolkata, India (£8.58, €9.95)
  6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (£8.66, €10.04)
  7. Shenzhen, China (£8.90, €10.32)
  8. Tunis, Tunisia (£8.98, €10.42)
  9. Beijing, China (£9.23, €10.71)
  10. Jakarta, Indonesia (£9.48, €11)

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