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Two mugs of Czech beer in Prague
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Revealed: the European cities with the cheapest (and most expensive) pints

With the summer season fast approaching, these are all the best (and worst) places for a budget beer

Liv Kelly
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Liv Kelly

Picture the scene. It’s a summer’s day, you’ve arrived on your mini break, ditched your luggage at the Airbnb, and are absolutely gasping for a sit-down in the sun with a pint. For those of us who love a beer, there are few things more glorious than that.

But when it comes to the cost of a pint, there’s a huge discrepancy across Europe. Some destinations will make you gasp with joy when you’re offered the card machine, while others will simply make you sweat (a pint is more than €10 in one particular European capital). So, where are the cheapest – and the most expensive – places for a beer this summer?

Well, according to travel booking website OMIO, the most budget-friendly place to buy beer is Minsk. In the Belarusian capital, a pint will set you back just 90p (€1.05) – that’s less than even a large Coca-Cola from McDonalds at a local branch. 

Chisinau in Moldova comes in second place with a pint costing just £1.11 (€1.30), and Baku in Azerbaijan comes in third at £1.16 (€1.35). 

But it’s not pennies for pints all round. In Helsinki, a pint will cost you £6.84 (€7.98); in Oslo, a whopping £8.13 (€9.49), and in Reykjavik, an eye-watering £8.61 (€10.05). So, if you’re planning a boozy getaway, you might want to consider one of the former destinations. 

The European cities with the cheapest pints

  1. Minsk, Belarus (£0.90 / €1.05)
  2. Chisinau, Moldova (£1.11 / €1.30)
  3. Baku, Azerbaijan (£1.16 / €1.35)
  4. Tbilisi, Georgia (£1.45 / €1.69)
  5. Yerevan, Armenia (£1.57 / €1.83)
  6. Sofia, Bulgaria (£1.66 / €1.94)
  7. Skopje, Macedonia (£1.66 / €1.94)
  8. Pristina, Kosovo (£1.71 / €2)
  9. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (£1.75 / €2.04)
  10. Prague, Czech Republic (£1.86 / €2.17)

The European cities with the most expensive pints

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland (£8.61 / €10.05)
  2. Oslo, Norway (£8.13 / €9.49)
  3. Helsinki, Finland (£6.84 / €7.98)
  4. London, UK (£6.50 / €7.58)
  5. Monaco (£6.41 / €7.48)
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark (£6.31 / €7.36)
  7. Paris, France (£5.98 / €6.98)
  8. Bern, Switzerland (£5.75 / €6.71)
  9. Stockholm, Sweden (£5.65 / €6.59)
  10. Dublin, Ireland (£5.56 / €6.49)

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