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Oludeniz, Turkey
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Türkiye has launched a digital nomad visa – here’s how to apply

Fancy living and working in Türkiye? Now’s your chance

Aarna Raj
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Aarna Raj

If you’re blessed enough to be able to work from anywhere, we’ve got exciting news: Türkiye just launched a digital nomad visa.

That’s right – you could be sipping Turkish tea in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar while sealing a deal, or catching some rays on the stunning Aegean coast while smashing out those deadlines. Türkiye's your oyster, but like all visas, there are specific requirements to meet. Here’s all the essential info on Türkiye’s new visa for remote workers. 

Who can apply for a Turkish digital nomad visa?

If you're between the ages of 21 and 55 and hail from most EU countries, the UK, USA, or Canada, Türkiye wants you!

How long will the visas last?

The visa will allow remote workers to soak up Türkiye's charms for anywhere between six months to a year, with the possibility of renewal once or twice.

What is the minimum income for a digital nomad visa in Türkiye?

To qualify, you'll need to have a monthly income of $3,000 (€2,800) or an annual income of $36,000 (€33,800), along with proof of employment or a business contract.

What are the other requirements?

Got a university degree? Check. Remote work setup? Check. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or employed by a company outside Türkiye, as long as you're working remotely, you're eligible to apply.

How to apply to be a digital nomad in Türkiye

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has streamlined the process with a user-friendly website, where you can check the criteria and fill out an application form. If your application is accepted, you’ll need to take your new Digital Nomad Identification Certificate to your nearest Turkish consulate or visa centre.

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